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Thank you for your willingness to help! ​Please follow the links below to volunteer. The dates below are for the 2023 Thanksgiving season.

Preparing Rolls


November 20, 2023 at Maestro


November 21, 2023 at Maestro


November 22, 2023 at Maestro


​November 23, 2023 at Maestro


November 23, 2023 at Immaculate Conception


​November 23, 2023 at Our Lady of the Angels


​November 23, 2023 at St. Timothy


November 23, 2023 at Towne Twin Village

​November 23, 2023 at the Bunkhaus

November 23, 2023 at Woodhill Apartments


November 24, 2023 at Maestro (Cleanup and Storage)


We also appreciate any financial contribution you can make to our cause. Ready to donate? Click Here to send us your tax-deductible contribution.



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